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Lewis Seating Systems is a producer of seating orthoses.
The Lewis team strives to improve the quality of life of wheelchair users.
Enhanced freedom and happiness can be enjoyed when you sit without pain!
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Anti-decubitus cushion

Lewis Seating Systems delivers anti-decubtius wheelchair cushions for a maximum sitting quality, with which decubitus can be prevented. 

Sitting for a long period of time without moving is also an originator of pain in the seat area.
An anti-decubitus cushion can reduce this pain. If the pain can't be felt or if the body is not capable of shifting its position, body tissue damage can arise. The ischial tuberosities and the coccyx (tailbone) are sensitive places for this phenomenon. When no intervention is done, small wounds will develop here, also known as decubitus. 

The Lewis anti-decubitus cushion

An anti-decubitus cushion is trying to prevent pain and small wounds due to sitting. Most anti-decubitus cushions do this by applying an even pressure distribution on the whole surface.
When no special measures are taken while mounting the wheelchair, an anti-decubitus cushion doesn't solve the problem of friction in the seat area. Also on an anti-decubitus cushion the upper legs slowly slide forwards. That's why friction on the skin arises and the user will slump downwards.

The Lewis anti-decubitus cushion is functioning differently than all other anti-decubitus cushions on the market. First of all a correct posture angle is created. That's where the friction problem is being solved and where a pressure distribution is being generated that transfers the sitting pressure on the pelvis to the upper legs. In this way the ischial tuberosities and the coccyx (tailbone) are being burdened as a result of which problems as decubitus will arise.

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Are you as a potential client, therapist, medic or medical advisor looking for more infomation on the anti-decubitus cushion from Lewis Seating Systems? Please have a look at our products, contact us without any obligation or make an appointment by telephone.

On 20,21 and 22 April, the REVA takes place in Gent! Of course Lewis is present here.

Do you have a question about services? Looking for the right device or accessory? At REVA you're sure to find the right solution! Either by visiting some of the 160 exhibitors or by participating in one of the seminars or workshops.

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The way Lewis solves seating problems is based on a new perspective on sitting. This perspective is the result of intensive collaboration with specialists and researchers. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience on sitting. We hope we can contribute this way to a world in which people can sit pain free!

​We chose to make the month of March 2017 all about "knowledge sharing". Want to know what we do this month? Read more!

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On July 2nd this year the 3rd Sit & feel free!-Award was handed to Edgar Masselink of the Action Youth sports camp! Besides a beautiful award he also received the amount of € 2500, - to spend on this great event. Linda Visscher, an enthusiastic Lewis user, has long been a volunteer at the sports camp and has put forward this good initiative.

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This week is the day, the Support2016 starts! Support is an event not to be missed. Support is in fact the biggest, most exciting and instructive exhibition in the Benelux for anyone with a physical disability, their environment and people who professionally deal with the restrictions that may impose physical disabilities. Support gives you insight into the latest trends and techniques.

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